Communication hub based on the Matrix protocol presenting a secure, decentralized environment for real-time communication, enabling users to have full control over their data while enjoying unrestricted communication
Chums: Truly secure messenger with the focus on User Experience
It's a strong move into a carefully planned, user-focused digital future
Matrix protocol is an open standard that enables real-time, interoperable communication over IP. It offers true decentralization, E2E encryption and Federation
We’re on
a big journey
Restore freedom and privacy, and bring back the power of communication into users' hands again. We're building a secure space where user data is protected, open-source technology opens doors to effortless collaboration, and everything is smooth and user-friendly
Reliable technologies
Matrix, the cutting-edge and ultra-secure protocol, anchors Chums firmly
Matrix servers work
together smoothly
Users can run their own servers and participate in the global Matrix network. This ensures data sovereignty and reduces single points of failure
End-to-end encryption
Curve25519, AES-256, HMAC-SHA256
Supports bridging with other platforms, allowing users from different systems to communicate seamlessly
Text, Voice, Video
Supports a wide range of communication types, including text, voice and video
Open-Source & Open Standard
Open standard with an open-source implementation. Encourages community participation and development
High Adoption
Growing steadily, especially in tech-savvy communities and organizations looking for a decentralized communication solution
Highly customizable & extensible
Highly customizable. Organizations can run their own servers, develop custom clients, and even extend the protocol
First version loaded and ready to shine
Account Creation with any server
All the basic chat functionality in
a user-friendly UI
Sending images, files, forwarding to other rooms
User and public room search on the server
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